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This Blog is publshed in the United States of America, is protected by American Freedom of Speech laws.

This blog is outsside the jurisdiction of the crooked judges former Premier Campbell and his perverts have appointed to the bench.

All comments on this blog are believed to be true, based on reasonably reliable srouces, are undenied and unchallenged by former Premier Gordie Campbell, his wife, Nancy, his alleged mistress, Lara Dauphinee, any of their political staff, their families, their friends, their supporters, or any member of the Liberal Party of British Columbia.

$150 131 per year

Who is Lara Dauphinee?

Is she an agent of organized crime?

Is she an agent of a foreign government?

Is she "the Dauphin" the historic heir to the Throne of France?

Why is there nothing about her on the internet?

If you have information on Lara Dauphinee please share it with us. It is a matter of public interest to know exactly who this woman is, why she was paid $150,000 plus per year OF PUBLIC MONEY and why she traveled everywhere Gordie Campbell when he was Premier of British Columbia.

What does CSIS have on her?

What does CSIS have on Gordie Campbell?

$150, 131 per year

This blog is dedicated to exposing who Gordon Campbell was and why taxpayers paid his girlfriend Lara Daphinee $150, 131 per year of taxpayers' money.

We want you to tell us what you know and so do our readers?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Secret Handshakes of Gordon Campbell and Why He is Not Welcome Back in British Columbia or Canada

Gordie's Club
One of the great secrets of Gordie Campbell, aside from his Mistress, is his membership in Vancouver based Freemasonry

In some towns and cities and countries, Freemasonry is a benevolent fraternal organization but, in Vancouver, Freemasonry has degenerated into a criminal organization that has earned a world wide reputation as a corrupter of judges, lawyers and politicians.

According to sources who spoke to Gordon Campbell's real brother, Michael Campbell, Gordie is a Freemason.

This explains Gordie's rise to fame from the position of a lowly failed real estate developer to Mayor of Vancouver and then to Premier of British Columbia where he was driven from office after being caught selling public assets, i.e. BC Rail, to a company controlled by his Freemason brothers and how the inquiry was blocked by judges (Freemasons) in the Vancouver court house.
Gordie and his gals 

This also explains why the mainstream media never published anything about his Taxpayer Paid For Mistress during his term in office because,  if you don't know it yet you better learn it, Freemasons take a blood oath (death to anyone who breaks it) to protect the secrets of their brothers.

Alex Tsakumis
So, when news of Gordie's Mistress  reached inquisitive reporters, who would normally think that such news was important for the voters who paid both Gordie's and Lara's salary, the other Freemasons in the mainstream media killed the story. The sole exception was Vancouver journalist, Alex Tsakumis, a Freemason reporter who blew the whistle on Gordie and Lara and who can no longer get a job in the mainstream media because of it, and this blog.     

Freemason Logo of British Columbia 
This also explains why during his tenure as Premier, Gordie Campbell adopted a Freemasonic logo for the Province of British Columbia and why he had such a cosy relationship with both Canadian Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper who are also reputed to be Freemasons.  The colours are the colours of the "Blue Lodge" , the golden arch represents the Royal Arch Degree - not McDonalds, and the pyramid shaped mountain with the sun peeking out is the world famous "all seeing eye". on the top of the pyramid often appearing on the US Dollar.

Unfortunately, for Gordie and the many Freemason politicians, judges and lawyers in Canada, Freemasonry is an illegal organization and its members are automatic criminals because Canadian Freemasonry does not comply with the Unlawful Societies Act (1799 UK) which was never on the books in the United States, was repealed in England in 1968 but remains on the books in Canada and can only be repealed by an Act of Parliament.

The Unlawful Societies Act is much like modern anti-terrorism legislation that deem certain nefarious organizations and their members to be criminals as part of a broader public purpose of protecting the nation state and its citizens from terrorist attacks like the one that happened on 9 -11 in New York.

The reader may also be interested to know that some writers claim criminals operating from Vancouver were involved in the 9 -11 attack in New York but that is outside the scope and purpose of this blog. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Gordon Campbell Tiouted As Federal Tory in Next Federla Election

Premier Gordie Campbell is being touted as the next Prime Minister of Canada.  Well, not quite next Prime Minister but, certainly, a cabinet Minister.  Er, has Stephen Harper gone mad?  Is Harper off his meds? This is crazy stuff!! Campbell is one of the Freemason affiliated guys here, in British Columbia, who basically blackmailed Jean Chretien. Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty decent Freemasons but when Freemasons sell or give their knowledge to guys like Gordie Campbell they create a Frankenstein who, like Gordie, has some problems with the rule of law both at home here in Canada and in the USA.   

Read Globe and Mail Story here

The only complaint I got about the USA justice system is that judge in Hawaii should have put Gordie behind bars for a while and saved us from his maladministration.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Former British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell who is Canada's High Commissioner to London, paid a quiet visit to Vancouver last week. 

The visit was not reported in British Columbia's mainstream press. 

Our intelligence sources tell us that Campbell was seen on what appeared to be a diner date at Earl's restaurant with his former mistress and Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee, which suggests that their long term romance may not be over as some had suspected.

There are rumours that Campbell was here to alert his cronies to some very major problems looming in England where bankers, who hide British Columbia's offshore secrets, are being tossed out of windows or otherwise silenced as the investigation of criminal wrong doing in the massive international British Columbia water export swindle continues.

Queen Elizabeth, another London resident and alleged swindler of British Columbia resources in a water export deal gone sideways, is preparing to meet the Pope Francis, on April 3, 2014, one week after the Pope Francis takes a private briefing from U.S. President Obama who has more than a passing interest in water export issues as California suffers the worst drought in its recorded history.

Things could get very messy as they move forward because there have been a startling number of sudden death of insiders connected to the water deal and, depending on how much former Premier Campbell and his gal pal Lara know their lives could also be at risk.

Our advice to Gordon Campbell and Lara Dauphine is to go public and reveal what you know, even if it means the end of the monarchy as we know it, because "a secret, once exposed, has no power" and it is the power of the secret that motivates those who would like you to take that secrets to your grave.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Is Gordon Campbell Drinking Again? Bar Bill Raises Suspicions

Gordon Campbell
Gordie Campbell, the ex- Premier of British Columbia that ran off to London to be with his Queen, (Elizabeth the alleged Water Thief) is in the news again.  This time it is about his "bar bill" as opposed to the taxpayers funds he spent on his mistress.  It seems that ole Gordie had racked up a "bar bill" of $67,000 in one friggin year which was way more than any of Canada's other Ambassadors.  Embarassed, officials with Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs quickly shuffled their papers and "corrected" the bill to only $33,975.00 but it still tops of all of Canada's Ambassadors.  It seems $33,000 was for a reception - you know, "a piss up" on our money -but Gordie was only one among the many partiers so it is unfair to lay all of the blame on Gordie.  

Considering Gordie's reputation for past problems with the bottle, the taxpayers of British Columbia got off easy this time and, certainly, a lot easier than the $150,000 plus annual salary they paid to his allegedly secret girfiend who was his Deputy Chief of Staff for much of his time as Premier - a story the mainstream media refused to publish. 

Stephen Harper
At least the taxpayers didn't have to pay for lawyers to bail Gordie out of jail.  Hmmmm, come to think about it, we never did find out how much the taxpayers spent on the Hawaii drunk driving fiasco.   

Prime Minister Harper looked a little dismayed at Gordie's largess but he has a MUCH MORE SERIOUS PROBLEM as a result of the legal strategy he and Gordie Campbell adopted in a major lawsuit against the Government of Canada that may now have resulted in another JUDGE BEING MURDERED.

The situation is very grave and Harper and Campbell have only themselves AND THEIR LAWYERS to blame.   
Interested readers can click here to see how Prime Minister Harper / Premier Campbell's Legal Strategy resulted in the DEATH/MURDER of another Canadian judge who was part of the cover up. 

On February 8, 2011, when Gordie was still Premier, Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson was lured into a compromising situation by the lawyers for the Governemnt of British Columbia and Canada and it does appear that she may have been murdered so they can cover up their their skullduggery.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Canada's Prime Minister Harper Appoints Convicted Crook As "High" Commissioner to England And Mocks Canada's Queen Elizabeth

Convict Premier Campbell 
Canada's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has appointed a discredited, drunk philanderer, former Premier of British Columbia, now disgraced, Gordie Campbell, as Canada's "High" Commissioner to England. 

For almost a full decade, the cheating Campbell paraded himself as a paragon of family virtue while secretly paying his MISTRESS, Lara Dauphinee, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers dollars.

Astute observers have opined that Campbell blackmailed Prime Minister Harper into giving him the job.

There are rumours that Campbell arranged a sexual liason for Harper with his previous press secretary when Campbell's Deputy Chief of Staff, His Mistress, Lara Dauphinee, called Prime Minister Harpers office and secretly arranged for Campbell, Dauphinee and the sexy sexretary to join Harper and his entourage on a trip to the Netherlands where Harper was scheduled to pay respect to Canada's soldiers who died to liberate that country in WW2

Queen Elizabeth Is Not Amused 
There is mounting speculation that Queen Elizabeth is not amused but is compelled to keep silent because Canada's Prime Minister, Harper, and former British Columbia Premier, Campbell, have threatened to expose Queen Elizabeth for Her participation in Canada's bulk water export venture in the late 1980's and early 1990's that was aborted due corruption in Canada
If Queen Elizabeth was an investor in the venture She might be legally required to forfeit the Throne of Canada.

However, the considered opinion is that Canada's Queen Elizabeth will put up and shut up.

Nonetheless, legal scholars suggest that Queen Elizabeth is on thin legal ice and could very well be required to forfeit the Throne of Canada is she was, in fact, breaking Canadian law.

Premier Campbell is widely disliked in British Columbia and Londoners will soon be able to judge the man for themselves while Queen Elizabeth will simply have to hold her nose whenever the man enters her chambers.  .

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Final Pay Off to Gordon Campbell's Mistress Shocks Canadian Public

The scummy story of Gordon Campbell and his mistress, Lara Dauphinee, shown right, just got a little scummier with recent public disclosures that now disgraced Premier Gordie arranged to pay his Mistress a retirement bonus of $192,000 of taxpayers money when she left her position as Deputy Chief of Staff for Premier Gordie Campbell when he was forced to resign as a result of the attention being paid to this web site.

Lara Dauphinee is probably wondering what kind of sex Deputy Minister Allan Seckel was having with Premier Campbell because his retirement bonus was a whopping $522,000.00 of taxpayers money.

Allan Seckel, whoi is not near as pretty as Lara, was hired to replace Gillian Wallace, as Deputy Minister for the Attorney General in 2003, when Gillian Wallace was caught aiding and abetting  perjury in the Supreme Court of British Columbia. Gillian Wallace died of cancer on March 1, 2011 and was forced by Alan Seckel and Gordon Campbell to watch her crimes being posted on the  internet and read by thousands of Canadians during her dying days.

Did Gillian Wallace really take her secrets to her grave or is their a manusrcipt hidden somewhere in her family home with the sordid details of the corruption by Campbell Seckel and others?

According to reports, the Campbell Gang are not above murder and threats of murder which may be why Gillian Wallace never revealed what she knew.  Interested readers can learn more about British Columbia government corruption involving Gillian Wallace, Alan Seckel and Gordon Campbell by visiting the Water War Crimes web site

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lara Follows Gordie Out of the Premier's Office

Lara Dauphinee
When Gordie  quit his job as Premier of British Columbia, last week, after everybody learned from this site that Gordie was "double duipping", he took with him his sexy double dip, Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee.

According to Matthew Burrows who writes for the Georgia Straight.

"Former premier Gordon Campbell’s longtime executive assistant and deputy chief of staff Lara Dauphinee pulled down $131,916 in the 2009-2010 fiscal year, according to the provincial public accounts.

With Premier Christy Clark now at the helm, Dauphinee is gone entirely. And Clark’s new communications director, Shane Mills, would not give the reason for Dauphinee’s termination.

“The [staff] list is there,” Mills told the Straight by phone, before later adding: “Well, you might not have noticed, there has been a new premier. Premiers pick their staff.”

Mills also noted, “The people on that list that you have are the people who are in the office of the premier.”

According to 2009-2010’s public-accounts records from the Finance Ministry, Campbell’s former chief of staff, Martyn Brown, hauled in $170,544. He was made a deputy minister by Campbell shortly before he announced his resignation.

Meanwhile, former press secretary Bridgitte Anderson earned $114,511. Among the Victoria staff, former communications director Dale Steeves was paid $85,418, and Doug Brown collected $78,185. Brown is now listed as manager of communications and issues management.

Given Dauphinee’s higher salary, the Straight asked Mills if a restructuring of the pay grades was in the offing.

“That’s personnel stuff so…to be honest, I don’t know the answer either,” he said."

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Gordie and Nancy and the Division of their Family Assets - According to Frank Magazine

Premier Gordon Campbell
Frank Magazine published the following comments about B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell a few years ago but the crooked Canadian mainstream media refused to tell the public their Premier was lying about his so called family values and paying his girflfriend a big big salary from taxpayers money.   

Gordo Campbell, MLA for Splitsville?

"More rumblings that BC Premier Gordon Campbell and wife Nancy are preparing to slip the increasingly surly bonds of matrimony are causing panic attacks among Liberal strategists.

While Ontario's Duffer Harris managed to postpone his second marital belly-flop until after the 1999 election, Campbell's fartcatchers fear their boy has no chance of ragging the puck that long. Better to make a clean break and get it over with as far in advance of an election as possible.

While better known as a low-taxes, low-morals devotee of the Fraser Institute, Gordo got endless mileage out of his family during the BC election campaign, dripping saccharin about falling for the missus straight out of university, climbing mount Kilimanjaro with the kids, etc. in reality, while Nancy made the requisite appearances during the campaign, Nancy has long maintained her own residence in the Sechelt area.

Readers will recall the sale of the Campbell's matrimonial pile on West 14th Avenue in Vancouver re-excited gossip that Nancy had finally tired of the avid horizontalist. The official explanation, that Gordo was worried about his family's security, was met with some skepticism.

And rightly so. The house, according to the legal paperwork on the sale, was unloaded to facilitate "division of assets." Further legal proceedings are expected soon.

Apropos of nothing, I note that while harsh austerity has been the order of the day in Campbell's tax-cuttin', hospital-closin' bureaucrat-firin' frontier, some deserving staffers in Campbell's office have received handsome pay raises.

For example, Lara Dauphinee, Campbell's hardbodied deputy chief of staff and ever-present Girl Friday for the last 10 years, saw her salary jump from $86,960 in 2001-2002 to $101,783 in 2002-2003."

frank 408

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Was Bill Good A No Good? Was Bill Good Good For Nothing?.

Well, well, folks, .... lookie here. 

Another high profile resignaton in BC.

Bill Good and Pamela Martin, shown in the picture announced today that they were quitting their jobs at CTV News in Vancouver, where they have worked since 2001, abou tthe same time Gordie got elected with the help of the media that covered up the case of Karl Eisbrenner and the case of Dr. John David Kuntz two honest professionals whose careers were destroyed by the Gordon Campbell Gang.  The same crooked media also covered up the Water War Crimes case  that involved major corruption by some of Gordie's closest supporters and, maybe, Gordie himself.

It sure looks awful suspicious to me that these two mouthpieces for Gordie and his gang are quitting at at the same time as Gordie Campbell and Carole James

A guy has to wonder if the owner of CTV News, Mr. David Thomson, the richest man in Canada, told Bill and Pamela that their time was up because nobody could believe them anymore after they concealed this here stroy about Gordie and his mistress, Lara, for ten long years.

Don't git me wrong, I ain't sayin Bill Good is a complete absolute liar and,I am sure he told the truth a lot of the time, but, I got three questions.

1.  Did Bill Good know that Gordie and Lara were boyfriend and girlfriend?

2.  When did Bill Good know it?

3.  Why didn't Bill Good tell the story to the "good" people of British Columbia who pay are paying their fat salaries?

And, I have the same questions for Pamela Martin.

A few weeks ago, when Gordie quit, Bill Good was saying that there was some pretty mean stuff out there in the blogosphere about Gordie.  I think he might have been referrring to this site that has had over 5,000 visitors in a few short months.

Well, Bill Good, if you are reading this why don't you go down and look at Karl Eisbrenner's grave in Victory Park, in White Rock, and think about what Gordie's Gang of Goons did to an honest lawyer, an innocent man, who was helping 188 senior citizens, old and weak people, try to put a stop to Bill Barisoff's illegal gravel pit and then think about the people who cried for Karl Eisbrenner when they lowered his body in the ground.   Karl Eisbrenner was a better man that Gordie Campbell and  his ilk ever was or ever will be.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Why Did Carole James Quit and Does It Have Anyhting To Do With Lara?.

Well ... somedays .... I think I'm as lucky as a horny two peckered owl and today was one of those days cause another  political leader in British Columbia, Carole James, suddenly quit her job.

Now, most of you probably think that Carole James was just a nice, middle aged lady who dressed like a school teacher. But I got a differnet opinion. I think Carole was a big political crook. I think she knew, for a long time, that Gordie and his gal pal, Lara, were living together and she kept silent while they helped themselves to a big fat salary for Lara.

It kinda bothers me to think that because I always looked at Carole Jame as just a nice middle aged lady who dressed like a school teacher and I feel let down and wish it weren't true.

So where do we go from here?

Two leaders resign within 33 days and the media in this Godforsaken province won't say a anything about the real cause.

So, . . . let me git to the point. 

Gordon Campbell has a right to privacy and so does Lara Duphionee but when Lara Dauphinee gets paid $150,000 of my money and your money .... well, .... Gordie and Lara lose their right to privacy because they are both public servants and I have an interest in knowning why a gal, like Lara, who is the alleged and undenied bed buddy of the Premier is making a huge salary and  to know if it has anything to do with the number of "blow jobs" Gordie is gettin instead of the quality of her work at the office.

In my opinion, the whole episode was a running conlfict of interest under the Members Conflict of Interest Act, since Gordie was first elected a member of the legislature, in 1996, and I bet you two whole dollars, $2, that a whole bunch of the members of the legislature, from both parties, and a whole bunch of the  lying, cheating, deceiving media, in this province, knew exactly what was going on and deliberately kept silent just so everybody could fool the average working people of this province who pay the taxes that fund these big fat salaries.  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Is There a Psychiatrist in the House, Because I Think Gordie Has Lost It.

So, on Wednesday morning November  2, our sneaky Premier, Gordie Campbell, who, in my opinion, cheats the taxpayer by paying his gal pal $150,000, to be his sexetary and get personal benefits goes on national television and tells everyone that "HE IS THE PROBLEM" and "FOR THE GOOD OF THE PARTY AND THE PROVINCE HE IS QUITTING" but what does he do, he doesn't quit. 

So, if it is good for the PARTY and the PROVINCE that he clear his desk and move along, the logical conclusion is the SOONER THE BETTER

So, why is this CLOWN - GORDIE - holding on to power when it is best for the PARTY and the PROVINCE that he leave.  Is GORDI holding on to build up his gal pal's pension benefits?  

Is he holding on to power to carry out the Orders of the BUILDERBERG CLUB that he got in June 2010?     

Hhhhhhmmmmmm where is that Conflict of Interest Commissioner when we need him:?

The boys and gals in the PARTY are getting cheesed at this guy. 

Who the heck does he think he is playing those kinds of games.  This is serious.  

CAMPBELL is putting himself ahead of the PARTY and the PROVINCE.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Premier Campbell Caught In Another Conflict of Intterest Says Chris Delaney At BC First Party

Well folks, it is lookin' a lot worse for dirty Gordie Campbell. My ole pal, Chris Delaney over at the BC First Party, well, ole, Chris Delaney, he is the guy working with the Zammer - Billie Wooden Shoes Vander Zalm and, Chris, he did some really great investigation work and it looks like dirty Gordie ripped off taxpayers for $16,803 to go to a "private party" with these here Bilderberg Club fellas in Spain.

$16,803 to go to a private party and $150,000 to pay his alleged squeeze, Lara Dauphinee, and this guy, Gordie, is starting to look more and more like a loser who should be back behind bars.

Here is the Press Release Chris Dleaney and the BC First  Party distributed lazst week.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Attendance at “strictly personal” Bilderberg meeting cost taxpayers $16,803.00

Port Coquitlam – The BC First Party has obtained documents via the Freedom of Information Act showing that BC Premier Gordon Campbell attended a private conference hosted by the Bilderberg Group in Sitges, Spain on June 3 of this year, paid for with public funds by the Premier’s Office.

BC First spokesman, Chris Delaney, says the documents show that the invitation from Bilderberg to Mr. Campbell was “strictly personal”, with instructions that he was not allowed to bring a spouse, substitute a replacement or to bring any staff.

The records show an Executive First Class return flight on Air Canada booked by the Premier’s Office on May 26, 2010, from Vancouver to Barcelona with a stopover in Frankfurt, totaling $13,298.54 CDN. Departure was for June 3 with a return on June 6. The return flight also had a stopover in Frankfurt. There is a second invoice for a direct flight from Barcelona to Vancouver on Dutch airline KLM, also on June 6 for an additional $3,504.46 CND, presumably a re-booking of the originally scheduled return flight on Air Canada.

Delaney explained, “The total of all expenses picked up by the taxpayer for the premier’s private Bilderberg conference was $16,803.00. It is not clear whether Mr. Campbell’s hotel accommodations were paid by Bilderberg or himself as there are no records for those expenses.”

Delaney says this raises even more questions. "Did the premier pay for his own hotel and meals for the private conference? Or were they paid by someone else? In which case did he file a 'disclosure statement' of benefit as required under Section 7(3) of the Members' Conflict of Interest Act?” asked Delaney.

Delaney says CBC TV has confirmed that another high profile Canadian invited to the Bilderberg meeting, news anchor Peter Mansbridge, paid his own costs to attend.

The Bilderberg letter makes clear the invitations are strictly personal, and not part of any official capacity. Mr. Campbell was not allowed any staff, nor could he send a surrogate, and the specific contents of the meeting were secret and not to be divulged to anyone in government or the public.”

“This appears to be a deliberate circumventing of taxpayer funds for personal benefit in direct contravention of Sections 2(1) and 5 of the Conflict of Interest Act,” said Delaney.

Delaney says there is no public interest served by having the premier attend a meeting where he can’t divulge the specific information obtained there. “He certainly has no business using $16,803.00 taxpayer’s dollars to fund his private participation in any venture, especially for such a circumspect and questionable group as Bilderberg.”

Delaney says not much is known about the secretive Bilderberg Group other than that it is populated by elites in international banking, major corporations, media and governments from around the world. It is said to meet once per year to discuss “global” issues and to recommend policy ideas and strategies for “world governance”. Until recently, the group even denied its own existence.

Delaney says in the case of citizen Campbell, the conflict is clear. The letter from Russ Fuller, Manager, Access and Records Services for the BC Government shows there are no records of re-payment by Mr. Campbell, nor any transfer of responsibility for the debt to himself.

“Even if he paid it back, it is totally inappropriate to have the government 'front' Mr. Campbell's private expenses. But there is no indication of repayment and the use of public funds by Mr. Campbell to attend a strictly personal conference leaves no question about a conflict.”

“The only question is, what will he do about it?” asked Delaney.

Delaney says the premier's answer to that question will determine his party's next steps in seeking restitution of this issue on behalf of the taxpayers of BC.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Gordie's Gal Bridgette Is Leaving - Can Gordie Be Far Behind?

"It sure looks like Gordie Campbell is gettin ready to quit his job and head for the hills - Billie" .

"Now, Billie, I know, you are probably thinking... how could dumb ole Six Pack Joe know that Gordie is gettin ready to leave when all the friggin, magazines and TV sceens don't say nuttin about Gordie quittin?"

"Well, Billie, I may be a hill billie, but when Briggette Anderson, the pretty blond in the pic, announced on Thurday, that she was leaving her position as Gordie's top media gal, I put two and one together and got three"

"Aw shucks, Billie, you remember, Bridgette, she was the dame, Gordie took to Holland with his gal pal, Lara, on Prime Minister Stevie Harpers airplane - according to my pal Alex Tsakumis. 

Only CSIS knows for sure what they were know the CSIS, "communists under the bed" guy, Dick Fadden"
"So, I figure, either Bridgette knows Gordie is resigning and she is getting out of da Premier's office, now, before the rush or, Lara, Gordie's alleged gal pal, kicked  her out of the Premier's office because she and Gordie were startin to be a number.  She is pretty, ain't she, and, well..., Gordie has a reputation, ya know" 

"It is a funny thing, Billie, but, what goes around, comes around,... eh?"

"Shucks, I wouldn't be surprised if Lara found herself in the same position as Nancy - some day - dumped by Gordie for another women" 

"My divorce lawyer in Prince George told me it happens all the time, lol"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How Are Gordon Campbell and Lara Dauphinee Doing Today??

Some folks have been asking me: "Gee whizzers Joe, how didja git Nancy and Gordie and Lara to pose like that so friendly - like, come on, Joe, wives don't do that with their X'es"

I have to admit that I don't know who made up this friggn photo 'cause every time I see Gordie with Nancy she looks like she is puttin the doggie doo into a plastic bag.

Have ya noticed that Gordie ain't smiling much these days?

My sources tell me that Lara is gettin ready to kick Gordie out.  But ya know, Lara is just one of those gals who is along for the ride because she knows she would never make $150,000 per year pushing beer in a the bar where Gordie met her.  Or, at least that is what my source told me, I think the bar's name started with a "D.....

What really p-sses me off, more than Lara 's fat salary, is what Gordie and his pals at the Law Society did to my pal, Karl Eisbrenner, and I am really happy Karl's friends put up a web site to expose that

Monday, July 12, 2010

Gordie Is Looking Like He is On The Bottle Again

We think Gordie Campbell is back on the bottle again.  Look at the bags under his eyes.  Look at the jowls on his cheeks.  Look at the paunch on his belly. 

He looks like a drunken Scotsman on the bottle. 

And wouldn't you know it but I stumbled across a site about my old friend from Oliver - Karl Eisbrenner

Gordie Campbell and his boys did there best to destroy Karl Eisbrenner and Karl's clients.  I think Gordie and his thugs deserve to go to jail for that.

According to a witness Gordie Campbell, supposedly still married to his wife, Nancy, has been seen carrying the garbage out at Lara Dauphinee's condo on Vine Street in Vancouver. 

It looks like a domestic arrangement eh?  

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More About Campbell and Lara

Joe Six Pack again. So folks apparently this story has been going around since 1998 and it was re-released in 2004.

A February 2004 ROBBINS Re-release

ROBBINS Sce Research (1998) has recently submitted to BC Government Offices a recent survey, also submitted to mainstream media involving in part, questions and commentary relating to an affair involving Premier Gordon Campbell and Lara Daphinne who works in the Premier's Office.

This matter was first raised in Frank Magazine out of Ottawa in two separate articles published in 2003.

Many in the press have indicated that this (apparent) extra marital affair is not relevant to Mr. Campbell's ability to do his job properly (That of course would raise the issue of whether or not he is doing or is capable of doing his job properly).

We aren't here to judge this man's character on the basis of an affair alone. It has more to do with who he is having the affair with.

Having said that, it is fair to say that any individual who is intimate, particularly involving a sexual relationship could be privy to 'bedroom' secrets. Certainly it is well documented that many secrets involving Nazi Officers during World War II were obtained through 'pillow talk'. This could include 'inside' information relating to the sale of Crown Assets. These Crown Assets could impact on the bcIMC (the government's massive employee pension fund), of which the aforementioned Ms. Daphinne may likely have an interest, as an employee in the Premier's Office.

In addition, Ms. Daphine and others may have knowledge of other equities or shares which comprise this pension portfolio which may be affected either positively or negatively by such government action.

If as the Frank article asserts, that Ms. Daphinne is intimate with the Premier, than these possibilities certainly exist, particularly in light of the recent activities with the RCMP raiding both Finance and Transportation Ministry Offices. In my opinion it is important to properly investigate the relationship the Premier is having with this woman.

If Gordon Campbell is careless enough to drink and drive, and this woman accompanies him on his travels, than it is certainly possible that he is likely careless enough to tell her 'inside' information, or at least confide in her some of the issues relating to his job, in a similarly way a man may speak to his wife about such matters.

What private investment portfolios does this woman own? Is it possible she holds accounts for the Premier? Does she have control or discretion over 'nominee' accounts for anyone including family members, or perhaps for the Premier himself?

Does she on behalf of the Premier, or either of them hold accounts with the Premier's son who works in the financial markets in New York?

Are there private accounts held by either of these individuals, their nominees or assigns in the Cayman Islands or other offshore designations which will hide money? Remember, Accenture operates the administration of BC Hydro through their offshore offices.

ROBBINS through polling has reasonably proven that the public is of the opinion that Premier Campbell and his wife are not trustworthy. The Premier opened the door to have his marriage challenged when he went on Global TV (Gordon Campbell TV) and insisted he had a good marriage.

If he has a relationship with Ms. Dauphine than it must be presumed that he doesn't have a very good marriage relative to most standards, particularly if the 'other' relationship is with someone in his office, WHO IS PULLING IN $160,000 A YEAR PLUS!!

Also, if these allegations are not refuted than they are presumed to be true. When there is an investigation involving government offices, and allegations of potential drug trafficking, and money laundering (and other) than ALL of these relationships must be examined. To not do so is an abuse of the public by the media that ought to investigate all of this, not cover it up.

It is well known that Finance Minister Gary Collins was the individual who found the love letters that BC best Premier who never was, Gordon Wilson who was the leader of the BC Liberal Party at the time, had written to his girlfriend and now wife, Judy Tyabji.

The press (Vaugh Palmer, above, and Keith Baldry, left) were all too eager to work with this affair. So why hands off Campbell? It's not as if his girlfriend was a worker at Starbuck's. The press went after Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyabji because there was a conspiracy to kick Wilson out, after he had brought the party back from the dead, in order to accommodate Gordon Campbell's desire to be leader of that Party.

Scandals are evidently important to the press depending on who is having the scandal. Gordon Wilson was a populist and not part of the establishment, and Gordon Campbell IS the establishment's puppet.

Now Gary Collins is a major part of BC Railgate. All in, it's fair to say that Gary Collins is a pretty slimy character.

The mainstream press went to great lengths to ruin Gordon Wilson, at least as leader of the BC Liberal Party.

They won't do anything to bother Gordon Campbell. Certainly its one rule for some, and another for the rest of us, even if you're Gordon Wilson.

Yet, Gordon Campbell's girlfriend mistress or whatever, who actually works in his office, is not asked any questions.

Addendum June 2007

With Madame Justice Elizabeth Bennett's most recent 'sweeping' for any communications involving the investigation relating to the sale of BC Rail, maybe its time Gordon Campbell's girlfriend were asked a few questions don't you think?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Long has this fraud been going on anyway?

Golly folks, I am just a country boy and this here internet, well it is one of the best fishin' holes a guy could wanna find.  Lookie here at what Ah pulled up at

kaybertoss 12-17-2003 04:00 PM
Re: I wonder
Originally posted by tickedmeoff
if Keith knows who is screwing who in the parliment playground!
:D LOL-Great one Ticked! Ah I love it! This one is worth printing!

Gordo Campbell, MLA for Splitsville?

More rumblings that BC Premier Gordon Campbell and wife Nancy are preparing to slip the increasingly surly bonds of matrimony are causing panic attacks among Liberal strategists.

While Ontario's Duffer Harris managed to postpone his second marital belly-flop until after the 1999 election, Campbell's fartcatchers fear their boy has no chance of ragging the puck that long. Better to make a clean break and get it over with as far in advance of an election as possible.

While better known as a low-taxes, low-morals devotee of the Fraser Institute, Gordo got endless mileage out of his family during the BC election campaign, dripping saccharin about falling for the missus straight out of university, climbing mount Kilimanjaro with the kids, etc. in reality, while Nancy made the requisite appearances during the campaign, Nancy has long maintained her own residence in the Sechelt area.

Readers will recall the sale of the Campbell's matrimonial pile on West 14th Avenue in Vancouver re-excited gossip that Nancy had finally tired of the avid horizontalist. The official explanation, that Gordo was worried about his family's security, was met with some skepticism.

And rightly so. The house, according to the legal paperwork on the sale, was unloaded to facilitate "division of assets." Further legal proceedings are expected soon.

Apropos of nothing, I note that while harsh austerity has been the order of the day in Campbell's tax-cuttin', hospital-closin' bureaucrat-firin' frontier, some deserving staffers in Campbell's office have received handsome pay raises.

For example, Lara Dauphinee, Campbell's hardbodied deputy chief of staff and ever-present Girl Friday for the last 10 years, saw her salary jump from $86,960 in 2001-2002 to $101,783 in 2002-2003.

frank 408
Ticked, Would that make Lara Dauphinee, Campbell's hardbodied deputy chief of staff and ever-present Girl Friday for the last 10 years akin to a ----------? 

:rofl: :rofl:
How can Gordo and Nancy live such a sharade in front of the media? Just goes to show that this Ba$tard will lie to the public about anything!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Is CSIS Director, Fadden, Spying in Lara Dauphinee's bedroom?

Canada's top spook, CSIS Director, Rickie Fadden, (picture at right) spooked Gordie Campbell this week when he said:

"Golly geez, folks, some of these here provincial polticians, well, guess what? Shucks, we have been spying on them and, yes-siree, they are working for the enemy". 

Gordie Campbell, the guy that got arrested for drunk driving in Maui and who is using $150,000 of taxpayers money to pay Deputy Chief of Staff who is also, (allegedly), his sex partner, has called Fadden "unprofessional".   No, don't adjust your set.  Dat's da darn truth, Gordie "Dumbell" Campbell called Canada's top spook "unprofessional".

Well, laugh out loud, har de har, Gordie Campbell, (in the police mug shot on the left) the drunken fool who was caught driving the wrong way down the divided highway in Maui after his sex partner, allegedly, had an abortion in Texas(?) (well that is what the boys in the bar are saying) because Gordie was too stupid to use a condom and, here he is, calling someone - anyone - unprofessional. 

Well, laugh out loud, Gordie Campbell, teh only Canadians politician invited to the Bilderberg Club meeting in Spain trying to tell Canadians he ain't under foreign control.  

Har, de, har, Gordie Campbell, makes me and da boys sit around and laugh and laugh and laugh while we spit our tobacco juice on the floor.

Aw shucks, Gordie Campbell, are you screwing Lara Dauphine? Har de har, laugh out loud, Rickie Fadden knows your dirty secrets and dat's why he is smiling in da picture.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

On the trail of Gordon Campbell and his alleged Mistress - Lara Dauphinee

According to an anonymous source in Vancouver, Gordon Campbell was regularly treated for venereal disease prior to his becoming Premier.  Allegedly the doctors thought it quite disgusting that the Campbell would not wear a condom.

Another source advised that Gordon Campbell was so drunk in Maui that he was driving down a divided highway going the wrong way and that Lara Dauphinee was with him after she had had an abortion in Texas.

Allegedly, Patrick Kinsella gave Dauphinee an alibi by lying to the media and stating that Dauphinee was with him in Arizona

More recently Campbell has been attacking CSIS director Richard Fadden who has now revealed that some Canadian politicians are under the control of foreign governments.  It is reasonable to assume Fadden has all of the information on Campbell and his Deputy Chief of Staff Lara Dauphinee including the foreign governments Campbell and Dauphinee are alleged to be working for because it is obvious that he and Lara are not working in the best interests of the people of British Columbia. 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The General, The Premier and Rules of Conduct

Canadian Armed Forces General Daniel Menard and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell have a common problem. 


To be more specific they have a problem because of allegations that they have been having SEX with their subordinates.

According to the Globe and Mail, Canada's foremost propaganda source,  Brigadier-General Daniel Ménard was removed from command following allegations he had an intimate relationship with a member of his staff.

Gordie still has his job.

There are uconfirmed rumours that Gordie's gal had a couple of abortions because the Gordie was too stupid to use a condom. 

Eeek, what a geek.

Of course, if that is true, then his gal is equally as stupid because Gordie has a reputation as a major philanderer and has probably poked his pecker in a number of danger zones.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

More On Gordie and his pal - Lara Dauphinee

I keep digging and found a ittle more about Gordie and his "sweetie".. 

"In March 2005, Blain had dinner in New York with Premier Gordon Campbell; his executive assistant, Lara Dauphinee; his press secretary, Mike Morton; and one Peter Restler.

 According to the Web site for the investment firm CAI Private Equity, it has a New York–based managing partner named Peter Restler who “was previously a special advisor to Vancouver-based Inland Natural Gas (now known as Terasen) in connection with its successful acquisition of the $741 million gas division of B.C. Hydro, a provincially-owned utility”.

Blain appears to have entertained the premier and other guests at Asiate, a Manhattan restaurant. All had the fixed menu, with a total bill to the B.C. taxpayers of $312.50 after exchange. Blain's bill did not include a tip.

According to Kevin Potvin who writes in The Republic .....

There is no shortage of very damaging rumours surrounding Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell and senior members of his first-term government. The rumours are certainly as corroborated and substantiated as those the establishment media seized on in the past to destroy his predecessors. But none of these rumours get anywhere near the play in the establishment media that similar rumours concerning other leaders in the past received.

Consider, for example, rumours concerning the details of Campbell?s drunk driving conviction in Hawaii. The Maui police report from the early morning when Campbell was arrested indicates he was stopped going not in the direction of his own hotel, but in the direction of other hotels on the other side of the island. There have been no speculations in the media about where he was headed. But there could have been.

Lara Dauphinee became Campbell?s Executive Assistant in 1996 at the tender age of 25. She has since become a senior political figure in Campbell?s government and arranges all his appearances, controls all media and public access to him, and hires all administrative staff in the powerful Premier?s office. She is also reputed to be deeply involved in policy discussions with him in her added capacity as Chief of Staff. It is unclear whether she was in Hawaii at the time of Campbell?s arrest, but she is noted for never being far from his side. This was a working holiday, as all are, Campbell?s handlers impressed upon the media after his arrest. The media have never pursued the question of whether Dauphinee was in Hawaii at the time and whether this was where Campbell was headed that fateful night.

In interviews after his drunk driving escapade, Campbell claimed he had never been driving drunk before. That would indicate either that he is a bald faced liar, or that the night of January 9 was a highly unusual night. During the evening, he had been pouring back several stiff martinis at the home of friend and radio personality Fred Latremouille before deciding well after midnight to take a drive. There is evidence a struggle ensued: Latremouille later blurted out to television cameras, talking about that night and why he let an obviously drunk friend drive, ?What are you going to do, tackle the guy?? He was immediately elbowed and shut up by his wife, Kathy Baldazzi.

The media, willing to believe Campbell?s assertion he got caught the first time he drove drunk in his 54 years, has strangely refrained from asking what brought on this uncharacteristic behaviour. Had Campbell received some terrible news earlier in the day to cause him to get very drunk, throw off his friend, and go speeding in his car late into the night? In retrospect, we know there was no alarming political news or corruption scandals that month. His wife did leave earlier in the vacation, but that was routine: she needed to prepare for a new school year as vice principle of a Vancouver school. We do know that around September 2003, roughly nine months later, Dauphinee appeared at a political function attended by much media visibly pregnant. Had this been any other leader in the past, the questions would have been front page and non-stop?as well as the photos. But the establishment media in this case has never speculated on whether there is a connection.

Campbell was spotted by Maui police the early morning of January 10 2003 going down the wrong side of the road and swerving into and off the shoulder. Pulled over, the Premier of British Columbia opened his door and fell to the ground. At the police station, he tested at about three times the legal limit for blood alcohol. He spent the night in the drunk tank passed out on a bare urine-soaked mattress. In the morning, he called a local drunk-tank lawyer his jailer suggested to him. He made an unshaved court appearance by noon and struggled back to his hotel. The strangest part of this story is that it seems never to have occurred to him for well over a day and a half to get in touch with any political staff and seek advice or to let anyone know what had happened.

Since then, his wife has reportedly separated from him and has reverted to using her maiden name. Campbell now lives alone in a condo on Vancouver?s west side. Dauphinee, his assistant, was subsequently promoted to Chief of Staff, a public service position that pays in the neighbourhood of $120,000?a considerable raise for her. She has also racked up the largest travel expense bills of anyone, elected or un-elected, in the entire BC government. This story looks similar enough to the Wilson-Tyabji incident to at least merit comparison and similar media scrutiny, but there has been none.

The scandals do not end there. During the present election campaign, the Liberal Party has twice been caught collecting money illegally, once from municipalities and later from charities who were led to believe they were paying the government for access to Campbell, but whose fees were in fact illegally channeled to the party coffers. This scandal looks remarkably similar to the Bingogate scandal that ensnared and destroyed Harcourt, but there has been scarcely little media follow-through this time.

A billion-dollar Liberal-government deal to sell BC Rail is currently under police investigation with allegations swirling around the case involving illicit drugs and influence peddling. RCMP took the unprecedented measure of raiding legislature offices of senior cabinet members to seize evidence in the case. All three senior cabinet members linked to the scandal?Attorney General Geoff Plant, Deputy Premier Christie Clark, and finance minister Gary Collins?have since resigned from office and, despite budding careers, have quietly and inexplicably left politics altogether. There are close correspondences in this story to the one involving casino licenses that brought Clark down, but there has been no similar media attention.

Add it up and you have the makings for the most damaging set of scandals amongst BC?s pantheon of record breakers. Campbell?s government is linked to rumours involving illicit drugs, influence peddling, party finance corruption, out-of-control drunken sprees, tainted resignations, criminal investigations, court convictions, illicit sexual affairs, and who knows what else of the salacious kind. While in the past any one of those merited a public hanging by the media scribes, Campbell, with all of them and possibly more, slips away with no one in pursuit.

Campbell has as many scandals of the real and significant kind swirling around him as all the media-hyped ones his predecessors had thrown at them, combined. And yet, where the establishment media cut all his predecessors down at the knees, for some reason, none of them are touching this Premier. It almost looks like there?s a larger picture here coming into focus, and that Campbell, soaked in sex, booze, drugs, and party money, is some kind of ?made man? with the owners of the establishment press. He does appear to be unaccountably untouchable in a media environment famous for exactly the opposite behaviour.

Diggn Around The Internet

Well, I been diggin around the internet an found a whole lot more about this here gal, Lara Daphinee, who hangs out with our Premier.  It seems some folks say she was with Gordie when he was pissed as a newt in Hawaii early in his career.  Best guess is she was following the drunk home.

The Straight Goods Said

As you know Lara joined with Gordon Campbell in 1996, she was a young vibrant and very attractive 25 year old, I don`t know that they are lovers, I have no direct proof, but she,Lara seems to have followed Gordon Campbell everywhere, to this day she works for premier Gordon Campbell.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gordie Campbell and His Mistress Escort Concubine Girlfriend Lara Under Investigation

According to the Water War Crimes web site British Columbia Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Paul Fraser, an old pal of Gordie, has been asked to investigate if Premier Gordon Campbell has been violating the Members Conflict of Interest law.

The law says:
(1) For the purposes of this Act, a member has a conflict of interest when the member exercises an official power or performs an official duty or function in the execution of his or her office and at the same time knows that in the performance of the duty or function or in the exercise of the power there is the opportunity to further his or her private interest.

Does Gordie take his darling mistress Lara to Europe or China or Japan, knowing that he has the opportunity of keeping his concubine happy or because he thinks he can get better sex from Lara? 
The law says:

(2) For the purposes of this Act, a member has an apparent conflict of interest if there is a reasonable perception, which a reasonably well informed person could properly have, that the member's ability to exercise an official power or perform an official duty or function must have been affected by his or her private interest.

What do you think, is Gordie in an apparent conflict of interest also?  

3 A member must not exercise an official power or perform an official duty or function if the member has a conflict of interest or an apparent conflict of interest.

Is Gordie guilty of occupying a position where there is an opportunity to further his private interest?  

You can contact the Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser and let him know your views at 250 356 0750

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lara Dauphinee Escorts Premier Campbell To Europe

According to Canadian Blogger Alex G. Tsakumis at
(Bolding Added to Original)

EXCLUSIVE: Gordon Campbell’s Excellent Adventure

Some time in mid to late April, the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary, Mr. Raymond Novak, received a phone call from the Office of the Premier of British Columbia.

On the other end was the lovely and ubiquitous Gordon Campbell aide, Lara Dauphinee.
Ms. Dauphinee, who is about as admired by most B.C. Cabinet members as the plague, was inquiring, incredibly, if the Premier of British Columbia could accompany the Prime Minister on his trip to Europe, where the Right Honourable had been scheduled to note the 65th. Anniversary of VE Day.

In what one Tory close to the Prime Minister described as “the most peculiar call I think the PMO has ever received from Campbell’s office…”, Mr. Novak accepted to get back to her with details.

Another used almost the same verbiage, “It does seem quite peculiar that he would show up considering the Prime Minister finds him barely tolerable

You will remember, of course, that when the Kash Heed story broke and he was cleared by Special Prosecutor Terry Robertson, the Premier was in transit. One day later, Premier Campbell won the hasty pudding decision-making award of the year, re-appointing Mr. Heed to Cabinet, only to have him resign for a second time in a month, twelve hours later, as a result of Mr. Robertson’s conflict. The Premier made that re-appointment to Cabinet while he was in Europe on this very trip I cited above.

After riding over to the continent in the Prime Minister’s jet, the Premier, in no mood to be interviewed by the CBC’s Terry Milewski, who was dogged in his pursuit of an interview, later admitted to the CTV that he was “angry and frustrated” about the whole Heed Affair and post-interviews, told one federal staffer in an off-hand moment, that he ‘wished he could have handled it (the Heed Affair) in person’.


What was Gordon Campbell doing in Europe? The Premier’s office claims that he was there meeting with corporate leaders and potential business investors for B.C.

But does that make sense to you? Just how much Dutch investment is there is B.C.? Who were these “investors” and “corporate leaders”? I see pictures from May 5th,6th, of the PM and Preem strolling with the PM of the Netherlands and walking through a graveyard and on 7th, at a Dutch roundtable of businessmen–all on the Prime Minister’s site (and one shot on the Premier’s website).

But again, I ask, how serious was this trip? There were no business leaders from here that accompanied the Premier. Only Bridgette Anderson, his Press Secretary, and Ms. Dauphinee, who essentially shadows the Premier (not hard considering she works directly under him), went to Europe with him.

So for those keeping score: no business leaders present, no companies being represented, nothing. Just the Premier and his two favorite staffers traveling to the Netherlands.
This is nothing, you say?

How ’bout the fact that most of his activities were arranged by Veterans’ Affairs… What might they have to do with arranging business for B.C.?

In the fall of last year the Prime Minister went to India and China. No call from the Premier’s Office, no request to accompany the PM to two countries that are the most significant emerging economies in the world, and with hugely significant immigrant populations in British Columbia.

So my question is to the Premier: what were you doing in Europe, Sir.

I called Bridgette Anderson today, to ask her.

But she was unavailable.

Author: AGT Date: Monday, May 10, 2010 Category Provincial · Tags

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Enough Is Enough - How Much Public Money To Pay Escort / Mistress

Recent investigations have revealed that, for the past several years, the public treasury in British Columbia has been paying a large salary to Premier Gordon Campbell's alleged sex partner / mistress - Lara Dauphinee, who receives a generous salary from the taxpayers and, according to reports is the Premier's regular escort at public functions, appearances and international travel.

Nancy, the Premier's wife goes along with this arrangement, although, she and her husband are, reportedly, not sharing the matrimonial bed.

In Canada, a man is legally entitled to have sex with whatever woman or man that will agree to join him but, the use of public funds to pay a sex partner, mistress, raises serious ethical issues for Lara Dauphinee and Premier Campbell.

The payment of public monies to girlfriends and sex parters is a highly controversial matter in Canada.

In May, 2002, Canadian Government Defence Minister, Art Eggleton, was forced to resign when it was learned his ex- girlfriend was given a government contract that entitled her to a mere $36,500. Lara Dauphinee is paid in excess of $150,000 per year in a cleverly disguised little arrangement where Lara is called Deputy Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant to the Premier in order to disguise her real role.

However, because of her title, Lara Dauphinee is given access to many highly sensitive state secrets.

In May 2008, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxine Bernier, was forced to resign from cabinet after a scandal involving his allowing a girlfriend to have access to secret government documents.