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This blog is outsside the jurisdiction of the crooked judges Premier Campbell and his perverts have appointed to the bench.

All comments on this blog are believed to be true, based on reasonably reliable srouces, are undenied and unchallenged by Premier Gordie Campbell, his wife, Nancy, his alleged mistress, Lara Dauphinee, any of their political staff, their families, their friends, their supporters, or any member of the Liberal Party of British Columbia.

$150 131 per year

Who is Lara Dauphinee?

Is she an agent of organized crime?

Is she an agent of a foreign government?

Is she "the Dauphin" the historic heir to the Throne of France?

Why is there nothing about her on the internet?

If you have information on Lara Dauphinee please share it with us. It is a matter of public interest to know exactly who this woman is, why she is paid $150,000 plus per year and why she travels everywhere with Premier Gordie Campbell.

What does CSIS have on her?

What does CSIS have on Gordie Campbell?

$150, 131 per year

This blog is dedicated to exposing who Gordon Campbell was and why taxpayers paid his girlfriend Lara Daphinee $150, 131 per year of taxpayers' money.

We want you to tell us what you know and so do our readers?

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Former British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell who is Canada's High Commissioner to London, paid a quiet visit to Vancouver last week. 

The visit was not reported in British Columbia's mainstream press. 

Our intelligence sources tell us that Campbell was seen on what appeared to be a diner date at Earl's restaurant with his former mistress and Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee, which suggests that their long term romance may not be over as some had suspected.

There are rumours that Campbell was here to alert his cronies to some very major problems looming in England where bankers, who hide British Columbia's offshore secrets, are being tossed out of windows or otherwise silenced as the investigation of criminal wrong doing in the massive international British Columbia water export swindle continues.

Queen Elizabeth, another London resident and alleged swindler of British Columbia resources in a water export deal gone sideways, is preparing to meet the Pope Francis, on April 3, 2014, one week after the Pope Francis takes a private briefing from U.S. President Obama who has more than a passing interest in water export issues as California suffers the worst drought in its recorded history.

Things could get very messy as they move forward because there have been a startling number of sudden death of insiders connected to the water deal and, depending on how much former Premier Campbell and his gal pal Lara know their lives could also be at risk.

Our advice to Gordon Campbell and Lara Dauphine is to go public and reveal what you know, even if it means the end of the monarchy as we know it, because "a secret, once exposed, has no power" and it is the power of the secret that motivates those who would like you to take that secrets to your grave.