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All comments on this blog are believed to be true, based on reasonably reliable srouces, are undenied and unchallenged by former Premier Gordie Campbell, his wife, Nancy, his alleged mistress, Lara Dauphinee, any of their political staff, their families, their friends, their supporters, or any member of the Liberal Party of British Columbia.

$150 131 per year

Who is Lara Dauphinee?

Is she an agent of organized crime?

Is she an agent of a foreign government?

Is she "the Dauphin" the historic heir to the Throne of France?

Why is there nothing about her on the internet?

If you have information on Lara Dauphinee please share it with us. It is a matter of public interest to know exactly who this woman is, why she was paid $150,000 plus per year OF PUBLIC MONEY and why she traveled everywhere Gordie Campbell when he was Premier of British Columbia.

What does CSIS have on her?

What does CSIS have on Gordie Campbell?

$150, 131 per year

This blog is dedicated to exposing who Gordon Campbell was and why taxpayers paid his girlfriend Lara Daphinee $150, 131 per year of taxpayers' money.

We want you to tell us what you know and so do our readers?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Secret Handshakes of Gordon Campbell and Why He is Not Welcome Back in British Columbia or Canada

Gordie's Club
One of the great secrets of Gordie Campbell, aside from his Mistress, is his membership in Vancouver based Freemasonry

In some towns and cities and countries, Freemasonry is a benevolent fraternal organization but, in Vancouver, Freemasonry has degenerated into a criminal organization that has earned a world wide reputation as a corrupter of judges, lawyers and politicians.

According to sources who spoke to Gordon Campbell's real brother, Michael Campbell, Gordie is a Freemason.

This explains Gordie's rise to fame from the position of a lowly failed real estate developer to Mayor of Vancouver and then to Premier of British Columbia where he was driven from office after being caught selling public assets, i.e. BC Rail, to a company controlled by his Freemason brothers and how the inquiry was blocked by judges (Freemasons) in the Vancouver court house.
Gordie and his gals 

This also explains why the mainstream media never published anything about his Taxpayer Paid For Mistress during his term in office because,  if you don't know it yet you better learn it, Freemasons take a blood oath (death to anyone who breaks it) to protect the secrets of their brothers.

Alex Tsakumis
So, when news of Gordie's Mistress  reached inquisitive reporters, who would normally think that such news was important for the voters who paid both Gordie's and Lara's salary, the other Freemasons in the mainstream media killed the story. The sole exception was Vancouver journalist, Alex Tsakumis, a Freemason reporter who blew the whistle on Gordie and Lara and who can no longer get a job in the mainstream media because of it, and this blog.     

Freemason Logo of British Columbia 
This also explains why during his tenure as Premier, Gordie Campbell adopted a Freemasonic logo for the Province of British Columbia and why he had such a cosy relationship with both Canadian Prime Ministers Jean Chretien and Stephen Harper who are also reputed to be Freemasons.  The colours are the colours of the "Blue Lodge" , the golden arch represents the Royal Arch Degree - not McDonalds, and the pyramid shaped mountain with the sun peeking out is the world famous "all seeing eye". on the top of the pyramid often appearing on the US Dollar.

Unfortunately, for Gordie and the many Freemason politicians, judges and lawyers in Canada, Freemasonry is an illegal organization and its members are automatic criminals because Canadian Freemasonry does not comply with the Unlawful Societies Act (1799 UK) which was never on the books in the United States, was repealed in England in 1968 but remains on the books in Canada and can only be repealed by an Act of Parliament.

The Unlawful Societies Act is much like modern anti-terrorism legislation that deem certain nefarious organizations and their members to be criminals as part of a broader public purpose of protecting the nation state and its citizens from terrorist attacks like the one that happened on 9 -11 in New York.

The reader may also be interested to know that some writers claim criminals operating from Vancouver were involved in the 9 -11 attack in New York but that is outside the scope and purpose of this blog.